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Table of contents - Special Issue: N8 Agrifood

Improving the evidence base for delivery of public goods from public money in agri-environment schemes

Mark S. Reed, Pippa J. Chapman, Guy Ziv, Gavin Stewart, Helen Kendall, Amy Taylor, Dianna Kopansky

There is growing interest around the world in more effectively linking public payments to the provision of public goods from agriculture. However, published evidence syntheses…

A community-based participatory research approach to understanding social eating for food well-being

Nadina R. Luca, Marsha Smith, Sally Hibbert

“Social eating initiatives” are framed as a specific type of community-based food service that provides opportunities for people to eat together in local spaces using surplus…

Shifting food policy from commodity to community thinking

Laura Knowlson, Rachel Marshall

Over the last five years, N8 AgriFood has united the expertise of food systems thinkers across the eight most research intensive universities in the North of England, in a…

“The reality is that on Universal Credit I cannot provide the recommended amount of fresh fruit and vegetables per day for my children”: moving from a behavioural to a systemic understanding of food practices

Maddy Power, Katie J. Pybus, Kate E. Pickett, Bob Doherty

Background: Evidence suggests that people living in poverty often experience inadequate nutrition with short and long-term health consequences. Whilst the diets of low-income…

Effects of hedgerow enhancement as a net zero strategy on farmland biodiversity: a rapid review

Megan E. Tresise, Mark S. Reed, Pippa J. Chapman

In order to mitigate the effects of climate change, the UK government has set a target of achieving net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. Agricultural GHG emissions in…

Proxy longitudinal indicators of household food insecurity in the UK

Neil Bernard Boyle, Maddy Power

Background: Rising food bank usage in the UK suggests a growing prevalence of food insecurity. However, a formalised, representative measure of food insecurity was not collected…

Social capital factors affecting uptake of sustainable soil management practices: a literature review

Niki A. Rust, Emilia Noel Ptak, Morten Graversgaard, Sara Iversen, Mark S. Reed, Jasper R. de Vries, Julie Ingram, Jane Mills, Rosmarie K. Neumann, Chris Kjeldsen, Melanie Muro, Tommy Dalgaard

Soil quality is in decline in many parts of the world, in part due to the intensification of agricultural practices. Whilst economic instruments and regulations can help…

Citizen participation in food systems policy making: a case study of a citizens' assembly

Bob Doherty, Yaadwinder Sidhu, Tony Heron, Chris West, Alice Seaton, Jane Gulec, Patricia Prado, Paulina Flores Martinez

In this article, we offer a contribution to the emerging debate on the role of citizen participation in food system policy making. A key driver is a recognition that solutions to…

Which forest-risk commodities imported to the UK have the highest overseas impacts? A rapid evidence synthesis

Amy Molotoks, Chris West

Background: Commodity-driven deforestation is a major driver of forest loss worldwide, and globalisation has increased the disconnect between producer and consumer countries…

Food systems resilience: towards an interdisciplinary research agenda

Bob Doherty, Jonathan Ensor, Tony Heron, Patricia Prado

In this article, we offer a contribution to the ongoing study of food by advancing a conceptual framework and interdisciplinary research agenda – what we term “food system…

How COVID-19 has exposed inequalities in the UK food system: the case of UK food and poverty

Maddy Power, Bob Doherty, Katie J. Pybus, Kate E. Pickett

This article draws upon our perspective as academic-practitioners working in the fields of food insecurity, food systems, and inequality to comment, in the early stages of the…




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