RAUSP Management Journal: Volume 57 Issue 2 , Open Access


Table of contents

Antecedents of organizational identification: implications for employee performance

Syeda Wajiha Kazmi, Syeda Tuba Javaid

This study aims to investigate the impact of three determinants of organizational identification (OID) on employee performance (EP) in the context of private business institutions.


Sociodemographic variables and ethical decision-making: a survey of professional accountants in Nigeria

Collins Sankay Oboh, Eddy Olajide Omolehinwa

The purpose of this study is to examine the role of selected sociodemographic variables in the ethical decision-making (EDM) process of professional accountants in Nigeria.


The diffusion of innovations under normative induction in Brazil

Gustavo de Freitas Alves, Carlos Denner dos Santos

Hierarchically superior bodies develop normative instructions to induce the diffusion of innovations, stimulating the adoption of management practices in supervised public bodies…

Impact of innovativeness, risk-taking, and proactiveness on export performance in a developing country: evidence of qualitative study

Kamal Hossain, Kenny Cheah Soon Lee, Ilhaamie Binti Abdul Ghani Azmi, Aida Binti Idris, Mohammad Nurul Alam, Md. Adnan Rahman, Norinah Mohd Ali

This study aims to explain the effect of entrepreneurial orientation (EO) dimensions on firms’ export performance. The study has considered three dimensions of EO: innovativeness…


Impact of workplace safety on employee retention using sequential mediation: evidence from the health-care sector

Attia Aman-Ullah, Hadziroh Ibrahim, Azelin Aziz, Waqas Mehmood

This study aims to examine the impact of workplace safety (WPS) on employee retention (ER) in the health-care sector in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K), Pakistan. At the same time…


Internationalization of China’s medical device industry: a case study in Brazil

Gustavo Menoncin de Carvalho Pereira, Mario Henrique Ogasavara

The singularity of being the first Chinese manufacturer of drug-eluting stents to arrive in Brazil and the country being selected as the company's first experience outside its…