RAUSP Management Journal: Volume 56 Issue 1 , Open Access


Table of contents

The use of social media in the B2B sales process: a meta synthesis

Graziela Perretto Rodrigues, Adriana Roseli Wünsch Takahashi, Paulo Henrique Muller Henrique Prado

The purpose of this study is to understand how business-to-business organizations use social media during the sales process.


Reforming theory of planned behavior to measure money management intention: a validation study among student debtors

Chinun Boonroungrut, Fei Huang

This study aims to validate the money management intention screening questionnaire under the framework of theory of planned behavior, which includes attitude, subjective norms…


Enabling design characteristics and budget usefulness

Daniel Magalhães Mucci, Fábio Frezatti, Diógenes de Souza Bido

This study aims to investigate the influence of budgeting design characteristics on perceived budgeting usefulness, based on the enabling-coercive framework.


Firms’ legitimation through corporate governance and its association with risk and return in Brazil

Kléber Formiga Miranda, Jefferson Ricardo do Amaral Melo, Orleans Silva Martins

This study aims to examine the listing of firms at the highest corporate governance level of the Brazilian stock exchange (B3) as a means of legitimation and its relationship with…


Work-nonwork conflict: an urgent situation for Brazilian women

Érica Custódia de Oliveira, Tania Casado

Going further on a broad understanding of nonwork besides family, this study aims to analyze differences between women and men considering work-nonwork conflict (WNWC) in the…

The influence of dynamic capabilities on startup growth

Emidio Gressler Teixeira, Gilnei Luiz de Moura, Luis Felipe Dias Lopes, Diego Antônio Bittencourt Marconatto, Adalberto Américo Fischmann

The purpose of this study is to analyze the relationship between dynamic service innovation capabilities (DSICs) and startup growth in an emerging country.


Relational attractiveness between supplier-customer in a supply chain

Rodrigo Soares Santana, Gustavo Hermínio Salati Marcondes de Moraes, Hermes Moretti Ribeiro da Silva

This study aims to evaluate the influence of factors attributed to relationship attractiveness between supplier and customer, from the supplier’s perspective.


Narcissism, risk and uncertainties: analysis in the light of prospect and fuzzy-trace theories

Márcia Figueredo D’Souza, Gerlando Augusto Sampaio Franco de Lima

This study aims to analyze the relationship between the nonpathological traits of narcissism and decisions under conditions of uncertainty and risk in light of the prospect (PT…