International Hospitality Review: Volume 36 Issue 2 , Open Access


Table of contents

Impacts of staff demographics on complaint management behaviour in five-star hotels in Dubai

Parin Parikh, Christopher S. Dutt

A continuous issue which plagues all service businesses is the process of handling complaints. Whilst the topic has been relatively well explored, extant literature has failed to…


Views of utilizing sustainable tourism to improve community sustenance: a case study of the impoverished rural communities of Musina Municipality

Azwindini Isaac Ramaano

This study assesses the “possibilities of utilizing sustainable tourism to improve community sustenance in Musina Municipality, Limpopo, South Africa.”


Tapping public sentiments on Twitter for tourism insights: a study of famous Indian heritage sites

Shruti Gulati

Twitter is the most widely used platform with an open network; hence, tourists often resort to Twitter to share their travel experiences, satisfaction/dissatisfaction and other…


External wine education and certification for restaurant service staff: a mixed-methods evaluation of training effectiveness

Marissa Orlowski

The purpose of this mixed-methods explanatory sequential study was to assess the effects of an external wine education and certification program on trainee reactions, learning…


Stars in the rearview mirror: The Grand Tour as a guide to the development of space tourism

Mark Ovesny, D. Christopher Taylor

In this paper, the authors argue that the blueprint that was organically developed over the course of approximately three centuries, from The Grand Tour to this day, is likely to…

An exploratory assessment of callings: the importance of specialization

Christopher Paul Cain, Lisa Nicole Cain, James A. Busser, Hee Jung (Annette) Kang

This study sought to understand how having a calling influenced engagement, work–life balance and career satisfaction for Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) and…

Differing career expectations in the hospitality industry: a cross-cultural study

Young Hoon Kim, Daniel Spears

The primary purpose of this study is to examine hospitality and tourism undergraduate students' attitudes to work and career expectations as they prepare to enter the workforce in…


Framework for a resilient religious tourism supply chain for mitigating post-pandemic risk

Rajkumari Mittal, Parul Sinha

This paper aims to study the religious tourism supply chain and understand and introduce resilience across the same to mitigate post-pandemic disruptions.


Millennial social media users' intention to travel: the moderating role of social media influencer following behavior

Joyce Han, Han Chen

Social media (SoMe) influencer marketing is a popular practice. The current study examines the interplays between SoMe influencers' source credibility, Millennial users' attitudes…


Exploring motivations and satisfaction of ecolodge patrons in desert areas of Iran

Pouya Chogan

This paper explores travel motivations and characteristics of European ecotourists who visit ecolodges in desert areas of Iran. It also evaluates 26 ecolodge attributes from the…


Social and sustainable: exploring social media use for promoting sustainable behaviour and demand amongst Indian tourists

Shruti Gulati

While researchers have studied the impact of social media on tourist behaviour Milano et al. (2011) and Hays et al. (2013), very few studies have explored the impact of social…