International Hospitality Review: Volume 34 Issue 2 , Open Access


Table of contents

Shaping the future of hospitality and travel: trends in energy, environmental, and labor force and work

Marvin J. Cetron, Owen Davies, Fred DeMicco, Mohan Song

The purpose of this study is to continue to forecast trends in the hospitality and travel industry with practical implications.


Theme and authenticity: experiencing heritage at The Venetian

Marta Soligo, Brett Abarbanel

This article analyzes the concepts of experience economy and promotion of authenticity at The Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas by exploring the resort's tangible and…


Workplace learning and organisational performance in the hospitality industry

Anne Kleefstra, Michel Altan, Jol Stoffers

The hospitality industry creates a distinctive context in which learning takes place. The industry's international perspective and large globalisation play an important role in…


Expected benefits of people interactions and guest experiences

Ya-Ling Chen, Joseph Chen, Wan-Yu Liu, Tanmay Sharma

This research aims to grasp hotel guests' motives and potential benefits sought when interacting with other guests, service personnel and residents and examines how these benefits…


Museum experience and satisfaction: moderating role of visiting frequency

Alexander Preko, Theophilus Francis Gyepi-Garbrah, Helen Arkorful, Andrews Adugudaa Akolaa, Fidelis Quansah

This paper aims at investigating how tourist experience elicits satisfaction and contributes to loyalty and willingness to pay more for a museum destination. The study also…


Analysis of a comprehensive wellness program's impact on job satisfaction in the workplace

Craig Marshall

This research study included an examination into the extent that a comprehensive wellness program affects employees' job satisfaction levels. As the leaders of more hospitality…


Employed in the foodservice industry: likelihood of intervention with food safety threats

Robin B. DiPietro, Kimberly Harris, Dan Jin

The purpose of this study was to investigate restaurant employee behaviors and their likelihood of intervening when witnessing food safety threats.