International Hospitality Review: Volume 32 Issue 1 , Open Access


Table of contents

The restauranteurship of Hong Kong’s premium Japanese restaurant market

Watson Baldwin

Hong Kong has a global reputation as an entrepreneurial hub. The Japanese restaurant community has grown and evolved over the last three decades into what many consider as a…


Antecedents and consequences of perceived customer value in the restaurant industry: A preliminary test of a holistic model

Vincent M. Thielemann, Michael C. Ottenbacher, Robert James Harrington

The purpose of this paper is to identify the antecedents of perceived customer value, such as the perceived quality and perceived sacrifices, and the effects on customer…


Examining persistence factors of golf management students

Christopher Paul Cain, Lisa Nicole Cain, Vicki J. Rosser

The purpose of this paper is to examine student, program and institutional support characteristics that relate to cohort intent to persist among Professional Golfers’ Association…

Understanding millennial perceptions of human and nonhuman brands

Junaid ul Haq, Mark A. Bonn

The purpose of this paper is to obtain perceptions from three distinct millennial segments about human and nonhuman brands related to travel. Specifically, inter and intra…


Translating emotional insights from hospitality employees’ comments: Using sentiment analysis to understand job satisfaction

Lisa M. Young, Swapnil Rajendra Gavade

The purpose of this paper is to use the data analysis method of sentiment analysis to improve the understanding of a large data set of employee comments from an annual employee…