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Prevention or promotion?: A research on the advertising communication strategies of P2P lending platforms – an empirical analysis based on panel data

Min Hou, Chunmei Gu, Jiakai Wang, Ping Hou

A large number of competitors springing up at the same time is a unique phenomenon to emerging markets. How to promote product sales and improve platform performance…

The influence of disorderly environment on consumers’ reference for boundaries: The mediating effect of personal control

Weiyu Du, Di Fang, Yang Ye, Sainan Qiu

The purpose of this paper is to examine the influence of disorderly environment on consumers’ preferences for boundaries and the mediating effect of personal control in…

The impact of customer resources on customer value in co-creation: the multiple mediating effects

Meng Xiao, Qinhai Ma, Man Li

Co-creating value with customers is important for companies in order to gain a competitive advantage. Based on resource theory and social interaction theory, the purpose…

Study on Chinese Brand cultural archetype: theory building and cross-cultural comparison

Yingwei Liu, Tao Wang, Ling Zhou, Chunyan Nie

The essence of “Chinese element” has been pinpointed as the representation of national cultural archetype resource of China, which reflects to the overall power…

Is a smiling model better? A study based on apparel e-retailers

Ruijuan Wu, Xiaoqian Ou, Yan Li

The objective of this study is to examine the effect of human model facial presentation (a smiling facial expression vs a neutral facial expression vs no facial…

The double value of customer interactivity: the mediation effect of knowledge exchange quality

Xinhua Guan, Lishan Xie, Tengteng Zhu

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between customer interactivity and the value it realizes for employees and customers, that is, employee…

Institutional pressures and the extent of cross-channel integration: the moderating effect of enterprise's capabilities

Guangling Zhang, Chenchen Liu, Hui Wang

Currently, the issues of cross-channel integration (CCI) have become the attentive focus. However, little research based on institutional theory details the drivers of and…

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