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Economic growth: the theoretical debate on resources, the environment and growth limits and the choices faced by human beings

Renzhong Ding

The relationship between man and nature varies with different stages of the development of human society. The destructive consequences brought about in the early stage of…

Development benefit, comparative benefit and the contest between two roads

Weimin Ding, Xiaoyu Zhang

Under the circumstance that the development of developing countries is a major issue that has long been of concern to Marxist scholars, the research is focused on the…

Some thoughts on establishing the theoretical system of socialist political economics with Chinese characteristics

Kaiyan Shen

It is scholars' great mission in this era to creatively develop new implications, paradigms and discourses of China's political economy and establish a theoretical system…

A study on the writing method of the history of socialist political economy with Chinese characteristics

Lin Zhang

Expanding the research on traditional history of economic ideology into the research on the history of economics composed of three elements – history of ideology, history…

Has the innovative city pilot policy improved the level of urban innovation?

Zheng Li, Siying Yang

A city is a spatial carrier of innovation activities. Improving the level of urban innovation can play a significant supporting role in building an innovative country…

China's poverty alleviation “miracle” from the perspective of the structural transformation of the urban–rural dual economy

Fan Gao

Poverty alleviation has been a major theme of China's modernization process since the founding of New China. This paper points out that China's poverty alleviation process…

Production structure, income distribution and macroeconomic efficiency: an analysis framework and empirical study of the Marxist political economy

Bangxi Li, Chong Liu, Feng Zhao, Yanghua Huang

In the current literature, there is little systematic research on the relationship among adjustment of the income distribution, change in economic structure and…

The transformation from value determination to value realization: the logical dilemma of the Okishio theorem

Shengsheng Wang, Bangxi Li, Shan Gu

Different from Marx's analysis of the dialectical relationship between the production and realization of surplus value, the Okishio theorem only shows one aspect of the…

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