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The principal contradiction and its evolution in the new era of the socialism society with Chinese characteristics: From the perspective of the Marxist political economy methodology

Xinghua Wei

Marx suggested that it is infeasible and wrong to arrange the economic categories according to the order by which they have worked in history. Their order is determined by…


The major innovations of Chinese economic development theories in the new era

Yinxing Hong

At present, the Chinese economy has entered the “new normal” phase with the transformation of development stages from the low-income to the middle-income ones…


Combining Marxism and China’s practices for the development of a socialist political economy with Chinese characteristics

Wei Liu

The socialist construction with Chinese characteristics must be based on history and reality. According to the requirements of liberation and development of productivity…


Nationality and internationality of the Socialist Political Economy with Chinese Characteristics

Jinju Pang

As the crystallization of Chinese wisdom and the shared wealth of all humanity, the Socialist Political Economy with Chinese Characteristics (SPECC) not only reveals the…


Economic theory innovation and China’s development practice

Taiyan Huang

The purpose of this paper is to promote the theoretical innovation of socialist economics with Chinese characteristics in these areas.


On the organic combination of public ownership and market economy

Yu Zhang

Since the implementation of reform and opening up, China has made remarkable achievement in terms of economic reform and development. China’s path, as well as its…


The fiscal system of China under the New Normal: trends and changes

Peiyong Gao, Jiang Zhen

More and more statistics have repeatedly shown that as the economic development has entered the New Normal, the Chinese fiscal system has experienced tremendous changes…


Determinants of China’s structural change during the reform era

Kaiming Guo, Jing Hang, Se Yan

Economic theories on structural change focus on factors such as fluctuations in relative prices and income growth. In addition, China’s reform and opening up has also been…


Supply-side structural reform and the transformational development of China’s foreign trade

Erzhen Zhang, Xiang Dai

From the perspective of supply-side structural reform, the purpose of this paper is to analyze and discuss the necessity and feasibility of China’s foreign trade…


Das Kapital and political economy in the broad sense: a review on Wang Yanan’s research

Lu Jiang, Yang Ge

Wang has focused on the relationship between Das Kapital and the political economy in the broad sense. Numerous ideas covering the political economy in the broad sense are…


How does the urban–rural income gap affect the quality of China’s economic growth?

Baoping Ren, Xiaojing Chao

Based on the theoretical definition of the quality of economic growth as well as the availability and reliability of the given data, the purpose of this paper is to build…

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