Innovation & Management Review: Volume 21 Issue 1 , Open Access


Table of contents

Social value appraisal: cutting the Gordian knot

Irene D.M Ciccarino, Susana Cristina Serrano Fernandes Rodrigues, Jorge Ferreira Da Silva

Social initiatives must disclose their results to access support. However, there is no theoretical consensus about how to do it. It is still necessary to understand the value…

The orchestration of dynamic capabilities in cleantech companies

Matheus Eurico Soares de Noronha, Diandra Maynne Ferraro, Leonardo Reis Longo, Scarlet Simonato Melvin

The aim of this article is to present a model for the orchestration of dynamic capabilities (ODCs) in cleantech companies that aim to obtain competitive advantage in the market.


Fundamental elements of university-industry interaction from a grounded theory approach

Rafaela Bürger, Gabriela Gonçalves Silveira Fiates

This work aims to analyze the university–industry interaction in innovation ecosystems. The problem under study addresses how agents can operate in university–industry…


Offering technologies for innovation: strategies and challenges

Karin Goebel, Sabrine Dias Losekann, Paola Thalissa Bartoski Polla, Karla Bernardo Mattoso Montenegro, Andréa Rodrigues Ávila

This study aimed to analyze the strategies and challenges related to technology transfer (TT) in technology transfer offices (TTOs), specifically regarding actions to offer…

Innovation performance and its determinants: what does it take to succeed?

Pedro Luiz Costa Cavalcante

This paper aims to depart from the national innovation system (NIS) arguments that countries' institutional arrangements and performance result from various complementary factors…