Innovation & Management Review: Volume 15 Issue 1 , Open Access


Table of contents

Literature on organizational innovation: past and future

Marlon Fernandes Rodrigues Alves, Simone Vasconcelos Ribeiro Galina, Silvio Dobelin

The purpose of this paper is to examine what are both the main theoretical basis and the recent perspectives within the organizational innovation literature.


Technology transfer between universities and companies: Two cases of Brazilian universities

Cassiane Chais, Paula Patrícia Ganzer, Pelayo Munhoz Olea

This paper aims to research how technology transfer occurs, based on the Schumpeterian approach to innovation trilogy focusing on the interaction between the university…


Engineering and development in Brazil, challenges and prospects: a new perspective on the topic

Luís Grochocki, Jorge Guimarães, Alvaro Prata, João Oliveira

Engineering is a powerful instrument for promoting the social and economic development of nations. Its enhancement is a strategic element to accelerate Brazil’s progress…


Motivations of crowdsourcing contributors

Luiz Fernando Silva Pinto, Carlos Denner dos Santos

This study aimed at analyzing the factors that induce the intention of contribution by participants in crowdsourcing initiatives.


The role of TPLs in innovative logistics solutions in importation

Alessandra Vitorino Razzera, Marcelo André Machado

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the role of third-party logistics providers (TPLs) in providing innovative logistics solutions for Brazilian importations.


Analysis of scientific production on interorganizational networks study field

Rafael Araújo Sousa Farias, Valmir Emil Hoffmann

The present study seeks to answer the following research question: what is the profile of the academic production related to the interorganizational networks in the period…