Journal of Property, Planning and Environmental Law: Volume 10 Issue 1


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Morphological analysis of legal ideology: locating interpretive divergence

Emma Lees, Edward Shepherd

The purpose of this paper is to present a “manifesto” exploring a methodological approach to legal analysis, relying upon a morphological understanding of ideology.

Compensation for harm caused by nuclear installations: what’s the damage?

Robert Lee, Radek Stech

This paper aims to explain the changes to the liability regime for nuclear installations before reviewing the traditional heads of damage under the 1965 Act. It argues that while…

Five-foot ways as public and private domain in Singapore and beyond

Andrew James Harding

This paper aims to explore the concept and spread of the five-foot way (5FW) as an aspect of urban design peculiar to Southeast Asia. It locates the 5FW as an aspect of planning…

Neighbourhood planning: national strategy for ‘bottom up’ governance

Barbara Bogusz

The paper aims to consider whether Neighbourhood Panning provides the appropriate output legitimacy for citizen engagement in the planning process. The Localism Act 2011…

Ownership at stake (once again): housing, digital contents, animals and robots

Sergio Nasarre-Aznar

This paper aims to discuss the questioning around the current suitability of ownership both for accessing to certain property (housing, to be more specific) and chattels (digital…

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