Journal of Participation and Employee Ownership: Volume 2 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Employee ownership, policy and new data

Guest Editors: Joseph Blasi, Dan Weltmann, Douglas Kruse

Promoting employee ownership: a look at the states

Nancy Wiefek, Corey Rosen, Timothy Garbinsky

Close to half of all privately held companies in the USA are owned by baby boomers, meaning 2.7m American businesses are owned by someone age 55 or older. In the coming decades…

State of the sector: US worker cooperatives in 2017

Tim Palmer

This is a national census of all worker cooperatives in the USA for 2017 implemented by the Democracy at Work Institute which is affiliated with the United States Federation of…

Turning employees into owners: An analysis of policy initiatives for rebuilding the American Dream

John Case, Michael Quarrey

The purpose of this paper is to review and analyze policies where employee share ownership might be relevant to the inequality debate in the USA.

The retirement security of employee owners in ESOPs in S Corporations

Nancy Wiefek, Nathan Nicholson

American workers at nearly every level of the income spectrum are not and often cannot to save properly to be secure in retirement. Addressing this challenge will require a…

The efficiency of wages, profit sharing, and stock

Dan Weltmann

The purpose of this paper is to examine which forms of compensation are more efficient at affecting employee attitudes, thus extending efficiency wage theory from wage-based…

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