Journal of Participation and Employee Ownership: Volume 1 Issue 2/3


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Works councils and employer attitudes toward the incentive effects of HRM practices

Uwe Jirjahn

A growing number of econometric examinations show that works councils substantially shape the personnel policy of firms in Germany. Firms with works councils make greater use of…

Is profit sharing good for the environment? Positive evidence from French firms

Fathi Fakhfakh, Felix FitzRoy

The purpose of this paper is to look at the effect of profit sharing (PS) on the ability of the firm to take care of the environment.

Shared capitalism, social capital, and intra-organizational dynamics

Sangjoon Lee

The purpose of this paper is to explore employee participation in ownership and control in a modern corporation and its impacts on intra-organizational social capital and…

Do consumers value employee ownership? Evidence from an experimental auction

Philip Pablo Mellizo

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate how the public at large perceives employee ownership, and how public perceptions of employee ownership translate into consumer valuation…

Profit sharing and firm profitability: The differential impact of underlying firm profitability on the wage-profit elasticity

Matthias Strifler

This purpose of this paper to examine how profit sharing depends on the underlying profitability of firms. More precisely, motivated by theoretical research on fair wages and…

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