Irish Journal of Occupational Therapy: Volume 45 Issue 2 , Open Access


Table of contents

Perfectionism in occupational science students: occupational therapy implications

Mary Elizabeth Wagner, Renee Causey-Upton

The purpose of this study is to categorize perfectionism and determine how perfectionism impacts the occupations and perceived health of students in a Bachelor of Science in…


Practices and roles of Irish occupational therapists’ with adults with intellectual disabilities who access supported employment services

Patrick Joseph Hynes, Alia Harb

Work is good for one’s health and well-being. Work for people with disabilities should be encouraged because it is therapeutic and improves participation in the society, leading…


Progressing recovery-oriented care in psychiatric inpatient units: Occupational therapy’s role in supporting a stronger peer workforce

Chris Lloyd, Philip Lee Williams, Gabrielle Vilic, Samson Tse

Initiated by the service user movement, recovery-oriented practices are one of the keystones of modern mental health care. Over the past two decades, substantial gains have been…


Experiences of men with psychosis participating in a community-based football programme

Laura Moloney, Daniela Rohde

Physical activity is associated with both physical and mental health benefits for people with psychosis. However, mental health services have been criticised for failing to…


Factors that influence hand hygiene practice amongst occupational therapy students

Olivia M. Wall, Maura P. Smiddy

Hand hygiene is the single most important intervention to reduce the risk of acquiring infection. All healthcare workers and healthcare students have a responsibility to prevent…


Occupational Therapy embraces the National #Littlethings mental health and wellbeing campaign in Offaly via an Operation Transformation Programme

Deirdre Deegan, Eileen McKiver

In early 2015, an Occupational Therapy led Operation Transformation healthy eating and exercise programme produced results suggestive of the value and need to promote and…