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Evaluation and control of opinion polarization and disagreement: a review

Yuejiang Li, Hong Zhao

The purpose of this paper is to review the recent studies on opinion polarization and disagreement.

An anomaly detection approach based on hybrid differential evolution and K-means clustering in crowd intelligence

Jianran Liu, Bing Liang, Wen Ji

Artificial intelligence is gradually penetrating into human society. In the network era, the interaction between human and artificial intelligence, even between artificial…

Identification of data mining research frontier based on conference papers

Yue Huang, Hu Liu, Jing Pan

Identifying the frontiers of a specific research field is one of the most basic tasks in bibliometrics and research published in leading conferences is crucial to the data mining…


A study of similar question retrieval method in online health communities

Bufei Xing, Haonan Yin, Zhijun Yan, Jiachen Wang

The purpose of this paper is to propose a new approach to retrieve similar questions in online health communities to improve the efficiency of health information retrieval and…

Analysis of supply chain’s resilience in crowd networks

Shihan Meng, Wenxiang Dong, Hong Hu, Yuejiang Li

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the supply chain's resilience in crowd networks from both static and dynamic perspectives.


Behavioral data assists decisions: exploring the mental representation of digital-self

Yixin Zhang, Lizhen Cui, Wei He, Xudong Lu, Shipeng Wang

The behavioral decision-making of digital-self is one of the important research contents of the network of crowd intelligence. The factors and mechanisms that affect…

Crowd evolution method based on intelligence level clustering

Lulu Ge, Zheming Yang, Wen Ji

The evolution of crowd intelligence is a mainly concerns issue in the field of crowd science. It is a kind of group behavior that is superior to the individual’s ability to…



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