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Application of biclustering algorithm to extract rules from labeled data

Zhang Yanjie, Sun Hongbo

For many pattern recognition problems, the relation between the sample vectors and the class labels are known during the data acquisition procedure. However, how to find the…

Quality-time-complexity universal intelligence measurement

Jing Liu, Zhiwen Pan, Jingce Xu, Bing Liang, Yiqiang Chen, Wen Ji

With the development of machine learning techniques, the artificial intelligence systems such as crowd networks are becoming more autonomous and smart. Therefore, there is a…


Missing observation approximation for spatio-temporal profile reconstruction in participatory sensor networks

Assad Mehmood, Kashif Zia, Arshad Muhammad, Dinesh Kumar Saini

Participatory wireless sensor networks (PWSN) is an emerging paradigm that leverages existing sensing and communication infrastructures for the sensing task. Various environmental…

Towards data-driven software engineering skills assessment

Jun Lin, Han Yu, Zhengxiang Pan, Zhiqi Shen, Lizhen Cui

Today’s software engineers often work in teams to develop complex software systems. Therefore, successful software engineering in practice require team members to possess not only…


A scientometric analysis of e-participation research

Tuotuo Qi, Tianmei Wang, Yanlin Ma, Wei Zhang, Yanchun Zhu

Due to the increasing demand for public services, as a new form of public governance, e-participation has emerged. Scholars from various disciplines have published plenty of…


Negative externalities in the sharing economy: sources, paths and recommendations

Wenjun Jing, Baowen Sun

This paper aims to clarify the complex path of negative externalities in the sharing economy and proposes corresponding policy recommendations.


Anomaly data management and big data analytics: an application on disability datasets

Zhiwen Pan, Wen Ji, Yiqiang Chen, Lianjun Dai, Jun Zhang

The disability datasets are the datasets that contain the information of disabled populations. By analyzing these datasets, professionals who work with disabled populations can…




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2017 – 2021

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