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AI empowered context-aware smart system for medication adherence

Qiong Wu, Zhiwei Zeng, Jun Lin, Yiqiang Chen

Poor medication adherence leads to high hospital admission rate and heavy amount of health-care cost. To cope with this problem, various electronic pillboxes have been proposed to…


Mining medical related temporal information from patients’ self-description

Lichao Zhu, Hangzhou Yang, Zhijun Yan

The purpose of this paper is to develop a new method to extract medical temporal information from online health communities.

Water-energy-food nexus in urban sustainable development: an agent-based model

Guijun Li, YongSheng Wang, Daohan Huang, Hongtao Yang

The purpose of this paper is to study how to effectively allocate water, energy and food (WEF) resources in urban development.


A study on MCIN model in intelligent clothing industry

Yixuan Nan, Yi Liu, Jianping Shen, Yueting Chai

This paper aims to study the material conscious information network (MCIN) to present new models of clothing products and persons and propose new crowd-designing patterns to…


Complex crowdsourcing task allocation strategies employing supervised and reinforcement learning

Lizhen Cui, Xudong Zhao, Lei Liu, Han Yu, Yuan Miao

Allocation of complex crowdsourcing tasks, which typically include heterogeneous attributes such as value, difficulty, skill required, effort required and deadline, is still a…


Role conflict and ambivalence in the aged-parent-adult-child relationship

Xinjia Yu, Chunyan Miao, Cyril Leung, Charles Thomas Salmon

The parent-child relationship is important to the solidarity of families and the emotional well-being of family members. Since people are more dependent on their close social…


Intelligent interaction based on holographic personalized portal

Yadong Huang, Yueting Chai, Yi Liu, Xiang Gu

The purpose of this paper is to study the architecture of holographic personalized portal, user modeling, commodity modeling and intelligent interaction.




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