Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education: Volume 14 Issue 1


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Engaged and/or burnt out? Finnish and South African doctoral students’ experiences

Kirsi Pyhältö, Jouni Peltonen, Henrika Anttila, Liezel Liezel Frick, Phillip de Jager

Doctoral students’ ill-being in terms of stress, exhaustion and high levels of mental health problems has been well documented. Yet, the well-being of doctoral students is more…


Transnational cooperation in enhancing researchers’ wider employability: the TRANSPEER project

James Lees, Lucrezia Gorini, Stian Torjussen, Margarida Oliveira, Paula Pinto, Maria Potes Barbas, Madalena Martins, Melanie S. Jones, Victoria Sheppard, Ana Petronilho, Margarida Trindade

The purpose of this paper is to provide an example of best practice towards enhancing employability in the cross-sectoral labour market for doctorate-holders. This was achieved…

Family formation and the career trajectories of women engineering PhDs

Joyce B. Main

The underrepresentation of women in engineering has important consequences for meeting the need for a larger, talented scientific and technological labor force. Increasing the…

Surviving or flourishing: how relationships with principal investigators influence science graduate students’ wellness

Kimberly A. Griffin, Joakina Stone, Di-Tu Dissassa, Terra Nicole Hall, Ashley Clarke

This study aims to focus on the experiences of biomedical science students nearing the end of their doctoral programs and the factors that influence their well-being. In addition…

Graduate student diversity, equity and inclusion professional development

Deborah S. Willis, Laura N. Schram

Recent research on graduate students’ diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) socialization found that graduate colleges play a role in supporting graduate students’ DEI…

Worth doing but not worth having? The influence of personal aspirations and career expectations on the value of a doctorate

Kay Guccione, Billy Bryan

The purpose of this study is to understand the interaction between the component domains of doctoral value to identify those which have a greater influence on overall perceptions…

Agency and career indecision among biological science graduate students

Kimberly A. Griffin, Candace Miller, Josipa Roksa

The purpose of this study is to examine how student agency influences career decision-making for doctoral students in biological sciences. The authors address the following…

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