International Journal of Comparative Education and Development: Volume 24 Issue 3/4


The Official Journal of the Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong

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Typifying educational research in Singapore and Sweden: a comparative bibliometric approach based on topics 2000–2020

Erik Nylander, Jason Tan

With the advancement of novel forms of text mining techniques, new possibilities have opened up to conduct large-scale content analysis of educational research from an…


Path-dependency and path-shaping in translation of borrowed policy: outsourcing of teaching in public schools in Hong Kong and South Korea

Tae-Hee Choi

The study systematically analyses the path dependency and path-shaping of borrowed education policy, tracing it from the global through the national to individual schools. It also…


Higher education peacebuilding in conflict-affected societies: beyond the good/bad binary

Kevin Kester, Mary Abura, Chaewon Sohn, Ella Rho

This comparative case study looks towards the diverse approaches of higher education to support peacebuilding, from policy and philosophy to pedagogical practices, in…


Researching ethnic minority lives in multicultural contexts: a methodological inquiry in acculturation

Shahid Karim, Ming Tak Hue

This paper aims to outline the experience of choosing an appropriate methodology from the potential qualitative methods for studying acculturative experiences amongst a group of…

Exploring the standard language ideology in China's language policy

Xu Ning, Jeannet Stephen

This research explores the standard language ideology in Chinese foreign language education policies. The most substantial in relation to language policy and management in regard…

Doctoral research in education: a comparative study on Indian and international trends

Arnab Kundu, Mrityunjoy Kaibarta, Subhadip Mukherjee

It is unfortunate yet true that in India, research starts and ends with a Ph.D. The steady decline in the quality of doctoral research has been an articulated concern among Indian…

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