Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science



Table Of Contents: Volume 23 Issue 46

Microfinancing, governance, and performance: a South Asian perspective

Asif Saeed, Attiya Y. Javed, Umara Noreen

This paper aims to investigate the relationship between microfinance institutions (MFIs) governance and performance.

Bank risk and performance in an emerging market setting: the case of Bangladesh

Md. Tofael Hossain Majumder, Xiaojing Li

This study aims to investigate the impacts of bank capital requirements on the performance and risk of the emerging economy, i.e. Bangladeshi banking sector.

The effect of ownership composition on earnings management: evidence for the Mexican stock exchange

Juan Manuel San Martin Reyna

This paper aims to examine the relationship between different types of shareholders that command share ownership, family, institutions or external blockholders and…

The impact of monetary policy on Islamic bank financing: bank-level evidence from Malaysia

Muhamed Zulkhibri

This paper aims to examine the distributional differences of Islamic bank financing responses to financing rate across bank-specific characteristics in dual banking…

Employment and labour hoarding: a production function approach

Melchior Vella

This paper aims to test the hypothesis that the effect of production slowdown on labour demand can be muted by labour hoarding.

Size premium, value premium and market timing: evidence from an emerging economy

Syed Haroon Rashid, Mohsin Sadaqat, Khalil Jebran, Zulfiqar Ali Memon

This study aims to investigate the market timing strategy in different market conditions (i.e. up, down, normal and in-financial-crisis situation) in the emerging market…



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