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Creating experiential learning opportunities in enterprise education: an example of a facilitator-led business simulation game in a taught setting

Elizabeth M. Heyworth-Thomas

Simulation in education has been well documented. Business simulation games (BSGs) are often digital and run by a third-party provider. This can create barriers to engagement from…


Developing student's skills and work readiness: an experiential learning framework

Adam Shore, Track Dinning

This paper outlines a contemporary conceptual framework for the embedding of experiential learning into a business consultancy module. Experiential learning is a fundamental…


Understanding the relationship between entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial attitudes, and entrepreneurial intentions among engineering graduates: the moderating role of gender

Manpreet Kaur, Sonia Chawla

The current study assesses the contribution of entrepreneurship education (EE) in strengthening entrepreneurial attitudes (EAs) and entrepreneurial intentions (EIs) among…


The moderating effect of educational support on the relationship between self-efficacy and intention in cyber entrepreneurship

Maitha Hareb Al Amimi, Syed Zamberi Ahmad

This study investigates the influence of cyber entrepreneurial self-efficacy (CESE) and educational support (ES) on cyber entrepreneurial intentions (CEIs) among individuals in…

Education is social management: a review of International Models of Changemaker Education

Jonathan Marine

This book review seeks to clarify the contribution of the (2022) edited collection, International Models of Changemaker Education, to the field of work-applied management. It…


Are you competent coping with uncertainty and risk? Implications for work-applied management

Phil Kelly

In a rapidly changing world, organisations are constantly presented with threats and opportunities and the need to be responsive and resilient. This necessitates developing risk…


Is this work? Revisiting the definition of work in the 21st century

Luke van der Laan, Gail Ormsby, Lee Fergusson, Peter McIlveen

The purpose of the study was to specify the perceived outdated nature and lack of definitional clarity associated with the concept of work and further to outline that the nature…


Social capital and sustainable growth of full-service restaurants in the global south: testing the mediating role of dynamic capabilities

Shamirah Najjinda, Kasimu Sendawula, Samson Omuudu Otengei, Ahmad Walugembe, Saadat Nakyejwe Lubowa Kimuli

The purpose of this study is to establish whether dynamic capabilities mediates the association between social capital and sustainable growth of full-service restaurants in…


Cross-border alliances and strategic games

Issam Tlemsani, Robin Matthews, Mohamed Ashmel Mohamed Hashim

This empirical research examined the factors and conditions that contribute to the success of international strategic learning alliances. The study aimed to provide organisations…


Exhibiting entrepreneurial behavior at work: a lived experience of a millennial entrepreneur

Sirajje Yiga, Ernest Abaho, Isa Nsereko, Muhammed Ngoma, Waswa Balunywa, Edith Mwebaza Basalirwa

This paper offers a story-based/narrative inquiry rooted in qualitative methodology, portraying a millennial entrepreneur in Uganda, a low-developed country that has successfully…

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