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Table of contents - Special Issue: Creativity in Work-Applied Management

Creatively expanding research from work-based learning

Deborah Scott

The purpose of this paper is to explore the potential of creativity in work-based research and practice to yield deeper understanding of practice situations. Unexpected insights…

Professional artefacts: evaluating creative outcomes for work-based inquiry

Paula McIver Nottingham

This paper aims to explore graduate perspectives about the creation and use of professional artefacts to communicate work-based inquiry projects to professional audiences.


All to play for: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and its impact on team cohesion, collaboration and psychological safety in organisational settings using a coaching approach

Stephanie Wheeler, Jonathan Passmore, Richard Gold

Collaboration and psychological safety are key factors to effective teams. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) has emerged over the past decade as a development tool used in both…


Collaboration of creative professionals with companies (CoCreaCo): antecedent conditions for collaboration in crossovers

Steven de Groot

Collaboration between creative professionals (artists and designers) and companies has become more prominent. In so-called “crossovers,” indicated with the acronym CoCreaCO


Creativity and working knowledge: what healthcare managers can learn from architects

Steven Cranfield

The purpose of this paper is to describe a qualitative observational study of how middle managers in healthcare in the UK on a work-based masters programme in leadership were…


Can co-creation in extended reality technologies facilitate the design process?

Hatana El-Jarn, Glen Southern

The purpose of this paper is to explore the benefits of co-creation/co-design using extended reality (XR) technologies during the initial stages of the design process. A review of…


Mind the gap: identifying barriers to students engaging in creative practices in higher education

Lluís Solé, Laia Sole-Coromina, Simon Ellis Poole

Creativity is nowadays seen as a desirable goal in higher education. In artistic disciplines, creative processes are frequently employed to assess or evaluate different students'…


Additive manufacturing – driving massive disruptive change in supply chain management

Klaus-Jürgen Meier

There are many academic contributions dealing with the impact of additive manufacturing on supply chains (Ben-Ner and Siemsen, 2017; Durach, 2017; Gravier and Roethlein, 2018;…


Emotional awareness amongst middle leadership

Steve Lambert

The purpose of this viewpoint paper is to explore middle leaders' ability to recognise emotions in the context of workplace research, and to propose measures that might support…


Mentoring and skill development in e-Internships

Debora Jeske, Carol Linehan

Many employers experiment with virtual working modes for project-based work. Virtual internships are one such mode that is gaining increasing popularity worldwide, particularly…

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