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The effects of language simplification and pictures on the ability of Emirati university students to comprehend and solve mathematics word problems

Mark Causapin, Timothy Groombridge

This paper presents a study of Emirati university students learning mathematics in a second language (English). The study focused on students' responses to mathematical word…

Public relations for the next generation: Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA)’s engagement with students

Noela Michael, T. Serra Gorpe

This paper discusses the importance and benefits for students of an outside the classroom learning experience, attending an event presentation and workshop organized as part of a…

Inquiry-based learning: Emirati university students choose WhatsApp for collaboration

Robyn Albers, Christina J. Davison, Bradley Johnson

Considerable research has shown the value of Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) regarding student engagement and motivation, depth of learning, and cognitive flexibility. Student…

A major choice: exploring the factors influencing undergraduate choices of Communication major

Naveen Mishra, Abduraoof Ahmed Ismail, Sanaa Juma Al Hadabi

This study explores the reasons behind the popularity of majoring in Public Relations as opposed to Journalism or Digital Media among mass communications undergraduates in Oman…


Project-based learning in higher education in the UAE: a case study of Arab students in Emirati Studies

Noorah Mohammed

Educational institutions in the Middle East are often criticized for using outdated teaching strategies such as lecturing that promote rote learning and memorization skills rather…

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