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The effects of global English on culture and identity in the UAE: a double-edged sword

Sarah Hopkyns

The United Arab Emirates’ complex history, its current demographics, its youthfulness as a country, and the fact that it is a region undergoing fast-paced change make the issue of…


The Cultural Border Crossing Index: implications for higher education teachers in the UAE

Peter Hatherley-Greene

Student transitions from secondary to tertiary education have attracted global attention as universities and colleges of higher education seek to improve student retention. Over…

Emirati students encounter Western teachers tensions and identity resistance

Ibrahima Diallo

This paper discusses tensions and identity resistance in a cross-cultural educational context in the United Arab Emirates. It focuses on how Emirati students, living and…

“Insha´Allah I´ll do my homework”: adapting to Arab undergraduates at an English-speaking university in Dubai

Chrysi Rapanta

The United Arab Emirates and Dubai in particular have in recent years attracted an increased number of Western teachers for all educational levels, especially universities. As…

Comparing South Texas and Qatari readers’ responses to short stories from three cultures

Cathy Downs, LuAnne Ktiri-Idrissi

Emotional and interpretive responses to three short stories were noted in two study populations of similar age: Qatari students in a post-highschool foundation program preparing…

Cross-cultural comparison: piloting an analytical framework

Jacqueline Prowse

With the proliferation of international education initiatives, research into the transfer of pedagogy across cultures is essential to ensure that quality education is delivered in…

Implementing a ‘pedagogy of interruption’: worth the risk

Aleya James

This paper explores the work of the educational theorist Gert Biesta in a setting outside of the context where it was originally developed. It aims to address how Biesta’s…

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