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Student satisfaction with advising systems in higher education: an empirical study in Muscat

Khalfan Al-Asmi, Venkat Ram Raj Thumiki

Advising systems play an important role not only in the student development process but also in student retention. Academic scholars across the world have been emphasising the…


“Just a natural move towards English”: Gulf youth attitudes towards Arabic and English literacy

Gary T. O’Neill

This paper reports a sub-set of results from a mixed-method ethnographic study of literacy among female graduates and undergraduates of a United Arab Emirates public university…

A study of attitudes toward Western culture among Saudi university students

Anderson Hagler

This paper analyzes the attitudes Saudi university students hold toward Western culture. Saudi participants completed an open-ended questionnaire about attitudes toward Western…


Challenges associated with teaching mathematics for social justice: Middle Eastern perspectives

Mohammed Goma Tanko

This study involved a group of Middle Eastern Muslim women (ages ranging from 16-36) learning mathematics through social justice pedagogy. One of the important lessons from this…

A student participation assessment scheme for effective teaching and learning

Bader Ahmed Abuid

In this paper a systematic and well-defined student participation assessment scheme for college courses is proposed. The scheme supports the involvement of students in a variety…

Methodological map: a mixed methods approach to explore the role of space in an Emirati single-gender learning environment

Gergana Alzeer

This paper provides a methodological map for guiding the choice and application of research paradigms and design frames that can be of value to a wide range of researchers in the…

Dhofar University: a case study in the practicalities of collaboration and accreditation

Issam W. Damaj, Farid B. Chaaban

Since the turn of the 21st century, various institutions of higher education have been established in the Gulf Cooperation Council region, several of which are branches of…

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