Advances in Autism: Volume 9 Issue 3

Improving international health outcomes in health, education and social aspects of care


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Autism and social media: a systematic review of the user experience

Nicholas Andrew Hudson, Jake M. Linnane, Kelly Rayner-Smith

Social media use in autistic people has been identified as a potential avenue for less pressured social contact. Given shifts towards online socialisation, this study aims to…

Exploration of caregiver experience for children with ASD: an in-depth perspective

Neha Gupta, Manya Khanna, Rashi Garg, Vedantika Sethi, Shivangi Khattar, Purva Tekkar, Shwetha Maria, Muskan Gupta, Akash Saxena, Parul Gupta, Sara Ann Schuchert

This study aims to examine the psycho-emotional and social experiences of caregivers of children with autism spectrum disorder. Various facets of the caregiving experience are…


Remote autism assessments – lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic: a service evaluation

Jonny Hartley, Jack Purrington, Gemma Hartley

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in health services adapting the delivery of routine assessments, with many operating remotely. This paper aims to explore the lived experiences…

Improvisers’ experiences across neurotypes of participating in improv comedy

Nathan Keates, Julie Beadle-Brown

Previous studies have confirmed the potential benefits of participating in theatrical improvisation, including improved mental health, well-being, skills and strategy development…

The impact of COVID-19 on parents of autistic children with a particular focus on access to respite care

Emma Cooke, Maria Brenner, Valerie Smith

This study aims to explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted parents of autistic children and their families in Ireland.

Stress and resilience in British Indian parents with an autistic child: a comparative study with white British and Indian parents

Steven Stagg, Fathima Kodakkadan, Santhosh Kareepadath Rajan

This study aims to examine the levels of stress and resilience in a sample of British Indian parents bringing up a child with autism.

Can the “Current View” show that autistic young people referred to mental health services have more comorbidities and complex needs?

Lisa Marie Thompson, Ewan Wilkinson, Sharleen Nall-Evans, Felix Michelet, Michael Thomas Lewis, Fiona Pender, Sujeet Jaydeokar

Autistic young people have health and care needs that may benefit from a multi-agency intervention. The “Current View” tool is routinely used in England to profile the needs of…

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