Advances in Autism: Volume 8 Issue 1

Improving international health outcomes in health, education and social aspects of care


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The experiences of fathers who have a child with autism spectrum disorder: from birth to adulthood

Katherine Dewey, Melanie Hodgkinson

The purpose of this study is to explore fathers’ experiences of raising a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), taking into consideration how this experience fluctuates as…

Preliminary investigation of interdisciplinary trainee’s improvement in knowledge about autism spectrum disorder

Tybytha D. Ryan, Maryellen Brunson McClain, Anna Merrill, Naima Dahir, Bryn Harris, Sarah M. Irby

Individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often receive services from a variety of professionals. However, not all providers receive adequate training in ASD. The Leadership…

Awareness and perception of medical genetic services among Malaysian parents of autism spectrum disorders children: the lessons to be learned

Farahnaz Amini, Kok Wah Yee, Siew Chin Soh, Abdulateef Alhadeethi, Roya Amini, Edmond Siah Chye Ng

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a group of complex neurodevelopmental disorders with uncertain etiology. Evidence shows that genetic testing can explain about 20% of cases. This…

The psychometric properties of the Iranian version of Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R) in children with autism spectrum disorder

Saeid Bashirian, Ali Reza Soltanian, Mahdieh Seyedi, Salman Khazaei, Ensiyeh Jenabi, Katayoon Razjouyan, Hadi Zarafshan, Majid Barati, Maryam Afshari

The purpose of this paper is to assess the validity of the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R) in an Iranian population to determine its efficacy in identifying children…

Stress in mothers of children with neurodevelopmental disorders

Ghorban Hemati Alamdarloo, Farzad Majidi

Most parents experience stress when their children are diagnosed with some kind of disability. This paper aims to compare the level of stress among mothers of children with…

Teaching a child with autism to request help only when needed

Mo Chen, Shelley Kreibich, Jolene Hyppa-Martin

Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or other developmental disabilities are often reported to have challenges in well generalizing the newly learned communicative skills…

The relationship between autistic characteristics, social engagement and executive function in a typical sample

Nicolle Robertson, Adam Qureshi, Rebecca L. Monk

This study aims to represent a first attempt to examine in a non-clinical population the interplay between social engagement, executive function (EF) and theory of mind (ToM…

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