Advances in Autism: Volume 4 Issue 4

Improving international health outcomes in health, education and social aspects of care


Table of contents - Special Issue: Inclusive educational practice for autistic learners

Guest Editors: Damian Elgin Maclean Milton, Nicola Martin

Special interests and inclusive academic learning: an autistic perspective

Frederik Boven

Many people with an autistic spectrum condition have one or more “special interests” which is more restricted, and which they pursue with more than average intensity. The purpose…

How can Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter enable inclusion of and encourage participation of autistic pupils in a year 7 boy’s mainstream classroom?

Jane Elizabeth Gurnett

The purpose of this paper is to facilitate a greater understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication in an open space learning (OSL) environment. This is an exploration of…

Autism and dual immersion: sorting through the questions

Diana Baker, Audrey Roberson, Hyejung Kim

The dual immersion (DI) model of bilingual education, which focuses on educating language-minority and majority students side by side using the two languages in roughly equal…

Inclusive school practices supporting the primary to secondary transition for autistic children: pupil, teacher, and parental perspectives

Keri Hoy, Sarah Parsons, Hanna Kovshoff

The primary to secondary school transition can have a significant and long-lasting impact on young people. Autistic children are particularly vulnerable to negative transition…

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