Advances in Autism: Volume 3 Issue 4

Improving international health outcomes in health, education and social aspects of care


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Residential placement and quality of life for adults with severe autism spectrum disorders and severe-to-profound intellectual disabilities

Giuliana Galli Carminati, Federico Carminati, Rachel Lehotkay, Erica Nora Lorincz, Viviane Subirade-Jacopit, Elisa Rondini, Marco O. Bertelli

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the relationship between some main characteristics of different living arrangements and the quality of life (QoL) of their users with…

Healthcare experiences of young adults with autism spectrum disorder

Ashleigh Hillier, Monica Galizzi, Kianna Ferrante

Characteristic challenges that define autism spectrum disorder (ASD), coupled with comorbid conditions and poor communication with providers, can lead to inadequate healthcare…

Defendants with autism spectrum disorders: what is the role of court liaison and diversion?

Eddie Chaplin, Jane McCarthy, Andrew Forrester

The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of liaison and diversion services working in the lower courts (also known as Magistrates’ courts) with regard to autism spectrum…

Does “mentoring” offer effective support to autistic adults? A mixed-methods pilot study

Nicola Martin, Damian Elgin Maclean Milton, Tara Sims, Gemma Dawkins, Simon Baron-Cohen, Richard Mills

The Research Autism Cygnet Mentoring project was a two-year pilot study, completed in 2016, which aimed to develop, trial and evaluate a mentoring scheme designed with input from…

Autism awareness training for youth offending team staff members

Sarah Ashworth, Ruth J. Tully

Many in contact with the criminal justice system (CJS) have complex needs, including autism. The purpose of this paper is to present the development, design and evaluation of a…

What is the association between ADI-R scores and final diagnosis of autism in an all IQ adult autism diagnostic service?

Sarah Talari, Kanmani Balaji, Alison Jane Stansfield

The diagnosis of autism in adults often involves the use of tools recommended by NICE guidance but which are validated in children. The purpose of the paper is to establish the…

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