Advances in Autism: Volume 2 Issue 3

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Autism spectrum disorder traits among prisoners

Lisa Underwood, Jane McCarthy, Eddie Chaplin, Andrew Forrester, Richard Mills, Declan Murphy

The purpose of this paper is to determine the extent of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) traits among prisoners. The authors tested the hypotheses that ASD traits would: be…

How useful are the Adult Asperger Assessment and AQ-10 within an adult clinical population of all intellectual abilities?

Hayley Kenny, Alison Jane Stansfield

The Adult Asperger Assessment (AAA) was designed to be a screening tool to identify adults with Asperger syndrome and/or high-functioning autism. The AAA includes three…

Autism research dynamic through ontology-based text mining

Marta Macedoni Luksic, Tanja Urbancic, Ingrid Petric, Bojan Cestnik

The increase of prevalence of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) has been accompanied by much new research. The amount and the speed of growth of scientific information available…

Autistic spectrum disorders, personality disorder and offending in a transgender patient: clinical considerations, diagnostic challenges and treatment responses

Philip Baker, Eman Shweikh

The case of a woman with a history of offending and prolonged imprisonment is given. The purpose of this paper is to explore the complex interplay between diagnoses of autistic…

Personal experiences of autism and secure units

Sanjib Kumar Ghosh, Eddie Chaplin

A consultant forensic psychiatrist and an individual with autism under his care discuss their experiences of working with autism in secure care. Dr Ghosh is a Consultant Forensic…

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