Advances in Autism: Volume 10 Issue 1

Improving international health outcomes in health, education and social aspects of care


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Autism diagnosis experience and parental stress among Portuguese parents

Genta Kulari, Giulia Francisca Sarantakos Cordeiro

This study aims to examine the impact that diagnostic factors such as duration of diagnostic period, number of professionals consulted and perceived social support have on…

“You’ve actually got two patients, you haven’t got one”: parent-informed criteria for evaluating the autism assessment process

Daisy Grace Burden

Parents whose children have undergone an autism assessment often describe the process as extremely stressful. This affects how parents engage with services post-diagnosis, meaning…

Investigating the early signs of ASD in preschool children in the UAE as a model for GCC countries

Omniah AlQahtani, Maria Efstratopoulou

Identifying autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children’s early years significantly impacts their academic performance and future life. It allows them to receive special support…

Home organization and adaptive behavior in children with autism spectrum disorder

Arielle S. Ramey, Vanessa R. Rainey, Samantha R. Seals

A chaotic home environment, marked by disorganization, noise and a lack of routine, has negative associations with language development, social competence and executive…

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