Advances in Autism: Volume 1 Issue 2

Improving international health outcomes in health, education and social aspects of care


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Excessive drinking of fluids in children and adults on the autism spectrum: a brief report

Richard Mills, Lorna Wing

Excessive drinking of fluids occurs across the autism spectrum but despite the detrimental and potentially hazardous consequences very few studies of this phenomenon have been…

An English perspective on policy for adults with autism

Jane McCarthy, Eddie Chaplin, Lisa Underwood

– The purpose of this paper is to provide a summary of English policy and legislation which impacts on the health outcomes and social inclusion for adults with autism.


No exclusions – developing an autism diagnostic service for adults irrespective of intellectual ability

Conor James Davidson, Alwyn Kam, Frances Needham, Alison Jane Stansfield

Autism is a spectrum condition, yet many autism services limit access based on IQ score. The Department of Health 2009 enabled enthusiastic clinicians in Leeds with a strong…

Psychological interventions for adults with autism spectrum disorders: a review

Debbie Spain, Laura Harwood, Lucy O'Neill

Adults who have autism spectrum disorders (ASD) experience a range of core and co-morbid characteristics which impede daily functioning and quality of life. Children and…

Noticing the unusual: a self-prompt strategy for adults with autism

Kate Silver, Sarah Parsons

There is a substantial lack of research focusing on how to support the social understanding of high-functioning adults with autism (HFA). The perspectives of three adults with HFA…

Autism spectrum disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and offending

Jessica Sabet, Lisa Underwood, Eddie Chaplin, Hannah Hayward, Jane McCarthy

A wealth of research on autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has led to increased understanding and identification of each of these…

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