Journal of Service Theory and Practice: Volume 33 Issue 7


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Towards a better understanding of volunteer engagement: self-determined motivations, self-expression needs and co-creation outcomes

Teresa Fernandes, Manuel Aires de Matos

Non-profit organizations (NPO) contribute significantly to the welfare of citizens and communities. Engagement in volunteering is crucial for sustaining volunteer motivation and…


Well-being creation by senior volunteers in a service provider context

Kunio Shirahada, Alan Wilson

Given the importance of senior volunteers in an ageing society, this study aims to deepen the understanding of how seniors create well-being by volunteering as service providers…


Service robots and artificial morality: an examination of robot behavior that violates human privacy

Magnus Söderlund

Service robots are expected to become increasingly common, but the ways in which they can move around in an environment with humans, collect and store data about humans and share…


The demand-what-you-want strategy to service recovery: achieving high customer satisfaction with low service failure compensation using anchoring and precision effects

Nathalie Kron, Jesper Björkman, Peter Ek, Micael Pihlgren, Hanan Mazraeh, Benny Berggren, Patrik Sörqvist

Previous research suggests that the compensation offered to customers after a service failure has to be substantial to make customer satisfaction surpass that of an error-free…


GraphEx: visualizing and managing customer experience in its multidimensionality

Yasin Sahhar, Raymond Loohuis, Jörg Henseler

Customer experience has become a vital premise in service theory and practice. Despite researchers' and managers' growing interest, the customer experience remains a complex and…

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