Journal of Service Theory and Practice: Volume 33 Issue 5


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Factors influencing consumer forgiveness: a systematic literature review and directions for future research

Yungchul Kim, Ting Hin Ho, Lay Peng Tan, Riza Casidy

Consumer forgiveness is an important concept in service failure and recovery research. To advance knowledge and develop future research agenda in this domain, this paper provides…

Whose customer orientation? Exploring the relationships between leaders, team customer orientation climate and customer satisfaction

Xin Zhao, Na Fu, Xiaoning Liang

Team leaders play a vital role in achieving superior team performance. However, their role in implementing the organizational customer orientation strategy is not well understood…

Gig worker typology and research agenda: advancing research for frontline service providers

Alexander Davidson, Mark R. Gleim, Catherine M. Johnson, Jennifer L. Stevens

The unique employment status of gig workers as independent contractors and their impact on consumers provide an important opportunity for the current research to understand gig…

How gamified online loyalty programs enable and facilitate value co-creation: a case study within a sports-related service context

Frederic Dreher, Tim Ströbel

The aim of this paper is to gain insights from a case study into how gamified loyalty programs enable and facilitate value co-creation and what underlying purpose organizations…

Antecedents and consequences of effective customer participation: the role of customer education and service modularity

Syed Aamir Ali Shah, Muhammad Shakeel Sadiq Jajja, Kamran Ali Chatha

Using multiple theoretical lenses, the paper develops and empirically tests a service design-based framework of effective customer participation (CP) in service delivery…

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