Journal of Service Theory and Practice: Volume 31 Issue 4


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The name effect in customization service: the role of psychological ownership and self-threat

Yan Kou, Zhong Shuai, Samart Powpaka

This study investigated the effect of adding a customer's name onto a standard product on the customer's product attitude from the perspective of the name-letter effect and…

Green service attributes and amplifiers of the warm emotions evoked by them

Birgit Leisen Pollack

The purpose of this study is to provide insights into mechanism by which environmentally friendly initiatives positively affect a service firm's revenue stream. First, it explores…

Actor transformation in service: a process model for vulnerable consumers

Bach Quang Ho, Kunio Shirahada

The purpose of this paper is to develop a process model for the role transformation of vulnerable consumers through support services.


15 years of service-dominant logic: analyzing citation practices of Vargo and Lusch (2004)

Marco Tregua, Danilo Brozovic, Anna D'Auria

The purpose of this article was to provide an outline of the citation practices of “Evolving to a new dominant logic for marketing” by Vargo and Lusch (2004) to identify and…


The effects of a psychological brand contract breach on customers' dysfunctional behavior toward a brand

Taeshik Gong, Chen-Ya Wang

This paper introduces the concept of dysfunctional customer behavior toward a brand and argues that when customers perceive that a brand has failed to fulfill its promises, a…

“Can I go or should I stay?” A theoretical framework of social lock-in during unsatisfactory service encounters

Maarten Volkers

This article demonstrates that the type of service setting and the first interaction with an employee influences the customers' intention to stay or leave during an unsatisfactory…

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