Journal of Service Theory and Practice: Volume 30 Issue 6


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Customer participation and well-being: the roles of service experience, customer empowerment and social support

Lishan Xie, Dongmei Li, Hean Tat Keh

This research aims to contribute to the transformative service research (TSR) literature by examining how customer participation in the service process influences their…


Labors of love: service employees on customer participation

Laee Choi, Charles A. Lawry

Very few studies have considered how customer participation (CP) influences service employees' well-being. CP may lead employees to engage in emotional labor strategies…

Facilitators and inhibitors of value co-creation in the industrial services environment

Andrei Bonamigo, Brenda Dettmann, Camila Guimarães Frech, Steffan Macali Werner

The purpose of this study is to recognize the facilitators and inhibitors of value co-creation in the industrial service environment.

Determinants of recovery satisfaction and service loyalty: the differing effects of service recovery system and service recovery performance

Pallavi R. Kamath, Yogesh P. Pai, Nandan K.P. Prabhu

This study aims to explore whether frontline employees' service recovery performance as well as customers' recovery satisfaction (RS) act as mediating mechanisms that…

Optimizing competitive performance of service firms in data-rich environment

Muhammad Sabbir Rahman, Md Afnan Hossain, Fadi Abdel Muniem Abdel Fattah, Shahriar Akter

The marketing information system (MkIS) in the data-rich business environment receives all the attention these days, but as essential and perhaps even more essential is…

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