Journal of Service Theory and Practice: Volume 26 Issue 3


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An examination of relative satisfaction and share of wallet: investigating the impact of country and customer characteristics

Alexander John Buoye

Absolute satisfaction ratings are widely used, but demonstrate a poor link to share of wallet, in part because this relationship is mediated and/or moderated by customer…

Trends in quality management research in higher education institutions

Juan José Tarí, Gavin Dick

The purpose of this study is to determine the state of research in quality management in higher education institutions based on a review of the academic literature. The aim is to…


Value proposition test-driving for service innovation: how frontline employees innovate value propositions

Maria Åkesson, Per Skålén, Bo Edvardsson, Anna Stålhammar

This article investigates the role of frontline employees in service innovation from a service-dominant logic perspective. Frontline employees lack a formal innovation obligation…


A critical incident technique investigation of customers’ waiting experiences in service encounters

Prabha Ramseook-Munhurrun

This study explores customers’ reactions to waiting experiences in service encounters. It seeks to explore the key driving features determining customer satisfaction and…


Engaged customers as job resources or demands for frontline employees?

Katrien Verleye, Paul Gemmel, Deva Rangarajan

This paper proposes and empirically tests a theoretical model on how different customer engagement behaviors (CEBs), such as giving feedback and helping other customers, affect…


Exploring service adaptation in a business-to-business context

Xia Zhu, Judy Zolkiewski

This study investigates service adaptation in a business-to-business context and explores the characteristics of service adaptation and how it takes place in business-to-business…

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