Journal for Multicultural Education: Volume 35 Issue 2


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Responses of Arab teachers of Hebrew in Israel to an Israeli novel on Jewish-Arab relations

Shai Rudin

This study aims to examine the responses and perceptions of Israeli Arab teachers toward multicultural and educational issues concerning Jewish–Arab relations.

Professional development for teachers meeting cross-cultural challenges

Lisa Maree Buxton

When providing professional development for teachers, certain factors should be considered and included to ensure it is effective and enhances teacher practice and…

Services for young children with disabilities in China’s rural area: a case study

Yanhui Pang

Recently with increased legislative support and evidence-based studies on the importance of education for children with disabilities in China, special education programs…

Multicultural attitudes and cultural intelligence of preschool teachers

Çağrı Peköz, Ayşe Işık Gürşimşek

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the preschool teachers’ cultural intelligence, their attitudes towards multicultural education and the correlation between…

Lessons on ways to develop self-empowerment: A phenomenological study of the lived experiences of higher education learners with physical disabilities

Bradley James Mays, Melissa Anne Brevetti

Researchers examine the new landscape of higher education, which is changing and evolving in the twenty-first century, as many non-traditional students, especially…

The light in their eyes: creating a multicultural education course for doctoral-level students

Clarisse Halpern, Hasan Aydin

The purpose of this study is to investigate the perceptions of graduate students about the need for a multicultural education course at doctoral level in a mid-sized…

Deconstructing racial essentialism in the classroom: The impact of social constructionist curricula on student diversity interaction

John Tawa, Anthony LoPresti, Danielle Lynch

This study aims to examine how change in white college students’ beliefs about race over the course of a semester impacted their interactions with diverse others. While…

The power of an intersectionality framework in teacher education

Alisa Leckie, Maya Buser De

The purpose of this study is to describe the use of an intersectionality framework to analyze and incorporate teachers’ lived experiences into critical professional development.

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