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Innovation activities in a university of applied sciences: redefining applied research

Liubov Vetoshkina, Laura Lamberg, Essi Ryymin, Heta Rintala, Sami Paavola

This study analyses development of research-related innovation activities in a University of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Finland. Focus on production of innovations in relation to…


Hate towards brands of educational institutions: she hates for ideology, and he hates for previous experiences

Arquimedes Martins Gois, Luiz Rodrigo Cunha Moura, Cid Gonçalves Filho, Flavia Braga Chinelato

Despite the growing competition between higher education institutions and the empirical evidence that the brand is a relevant determinant of consumer preference, research studies…

Factors motivating students' intention to accept online learning in emerging countries: the case study of Vietnam

Huyen Pham Thi, Que Nhi Tran, Long Gia La, Ha My Doan, Tien Duc Vu

This paper, employing the model integrated from Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) and Technology Acceptance (TAM), will examine factors affecting Vietnamese students' acceptance…

Examining the effect of self-regulation failure on academic achievement in emergency remote teaching and learning versus face-to-face

Anet Boshoff-Knoetze, Lize Duminy, Yadah Du Toit

The study aimed to examine the relationship between self-regulation failure and academic achievement in an emergency remote teaching (ERT) and learning environment compared to a…

Social media usage and its association with students' performance and attitude in Saudi Arabia

Abeer Alshwiah, Lamees Alaulamie

The purpose of this study was to investigate the level of social media use among students, and the way in which it affects their performance and attitude when used in the…

Intention of postgraduate students towards the online education system: application of extended technology acceptance model

Abhijit Sinha, Sudin Bag

The study is done to investigate the factors that affect the intention of higher education students towards online education. The research also focuses on the importance of…

Past-Positive time perspective predicts academic achievement via motivation, and procrastination might not be as bad as it seems

Rocío Giselle Fernández Da Lama, María Elena Brenlla

The present research was based on an online questionnaire. A total of 256 undergraduate psychology students aged 18–44 (M = 23.61; SD = 0.57) from the Pontifical Catholic…

Factors affecting academic staff development in the context of university autonomy through the lens of stakeholders: a case study from Tay Nguyen University, Vietnam

Hieu Thi Ngo, Le Duc Niem, Phong Cong Tran, Truc Thanh Nguyen, Dung Thi Doan, Huyen Thi Ngo

This paper aims at identifying perceived factors and measuring opinions about the factors' impact on academic staff development (ASD) at Tay Nguyen University (TNU), Dak Lak…

The interplay between supervisor support and job performance: implications of social exchange and social learning theories

Ali Zeb, Gerald Guan Gan Goh, Mudaser Javaid, Muhammad Nawaz Khan, Atta Ullah Khan, Shehnaz Gul

Social exchange theory and social learning theory are widely employed in many disciplines but there is little application on the intention to leave and job performance among…


Work–life balance and performance relations during COVID 19 outbreak: a case study among university academic staff

Ahmet Demir, Taylan Budur

The aim of the current study was to evaluate the effects of work–life balance (WLB) on the employee motivation (EM), job satisfaction (JS) and emloyee performance (EP) of academic…


UPPS impulsivity, entrepreneurial self-efficacy and entrepreneurial intentions among university students: ADHD symptoms as a moderator

Thi Van Hoa Tran, Cong Doanh Duong, Thanh Hieu Nguyen, Thi Song Lam Tran, Trong Nghia Vu

The purpose of our study is to examine the direct and mediating effects of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms and urgency, lack of premeditation, lack of…

Acculturation stress and social support for international students' adjustment in Malaysia: does language proficiency matter?

Sana Anwar Lashari, Rosna Awang-Hashim, Tahira Anwar Lashari, Amrita Kaur

International students with low proficiency in the English language remain at high risk of academic, social and psychological maladjustment. Using an acculturation theoretical…

Strategizing alumni to encounter financial sustainability issue: insights from public higher education institutions of Pakistan

Nabeel Nisar, Ellisha Nasruddin, Yen Nee Goh

This practitioner paper intends to explore how Public Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) in Pakistan could strategize alumni to encounter the financial sustainability…

Students' cyberslacking behaviour in e-learning environments: the role of the Big Five personality traits and situational factors

Kian Yeik Koay, Wai Ching Poon

Online learning has become more popular than ever in higher education owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this has also intensified students' propensity to engage in…

The impact of value conflict on academic adjustment among first-year students at Kuwait University: a quantitative study

Khaled Alrumaidhi

Considering the crucial role which academic adjustment plays in student success at university, gaining insight into how several factors affect this key metric is important. This…

Reading ‘rithmatic: examining the impact of a literacy intervention on mathematics placement assessment

Diane Cardenas Elliott, Dianna Sand, Elizabeth Jones

College placement assessments in the USA have underperformed in predicting college readiness. This has prompted a wave of reforms to placement practices and policies. Recently…

Research-informed teaching for assessing BIM courses during COVID-19 and beyond

Fonbeyin Henry Abanda

In the COVID-19 era, where blended learning is gaining popularity, research-informed teaching could be one of the alternatives or options to assess students' progress in Higher…

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