Aslib Journal of Information Management: Volume 69 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Advances in information management: a festschrift in honour of Mark Hepworth

Guest Editors: Peter Willett, Thomas Jackson

Mark Hepworth: in memoriam

Thomas Jackson, Peter Willett

The purpose of this paper is to honour the contributions of Mark Hepworth to library and information science (LIS).


Making sense of dementia: A phenomenographic study of the information behaviours of people diagnosed with dementia

Juliet Harland, Peter A. Bath, Ann Wainwright, Jeremy Seymour

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the information behaviours of patients newly diagnosed with dementia.

Myths about HIV and AIDS among serodiscordant couples in Malawi

Kondwani Wella, Sheila Webber, Philippa Levy

The purpose of this paper is to report on research that uncovered myths about HIV and AIDS held by serodiscordant couples in Malawi, and the sources of these myths. The paper…

Mobile phones for development: An information case study of mobile phone kiosk vendors in the Congo

Sylvain K. Cibangu, Mark Hepworth, Donna Champion

This paper relayed an important line of Mark Hepworth’s work, which engages with information technologies and development. The purpose of this paper is to suggest a subfield of…


An integrated model highlighting information literacy and knowledge formation in information behaviour

Samuel Kelechukwu Ibenne, Boyka Simeonova, Janet Harrison, Mark Hepworth

The purpose of this paper is to review key models of people’s information behaviour (IB) exploring the integration of the concepts of information literacy (IL) and knowledge in…


Assessing information literacy skills among young information age students in Singapore

Schubert Foo, Shaheen Majid, Yun Ke Chang

The purpose of this paper is to assess knowledge of Singapore Grade 5 (11 years old) students’ understanding and proficiency in basic information literacy (IL) skills of defining…


Comparison of US and UK rankings of LIS journals

Lynsey Taylor, Peter Willett

The purpose of this paper is to investigate UK academics’ views of the importance and prestige of journals relevant to library and information science (LIS) teaching and research.

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