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Hostility in firefighters: personality and mental health

Shannon Wagner, Romana Pasca, Jordan Crosina

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the contribution of personality factors, especially hostility, as they related to traumatic stress and mental health symptoms in…

The nexus of transformational leadership of emergency services systems: Beyond the Wu-Shi-Ren (WSR)-Li paradigm

Denis Caro

In the face of diverse national and international threats, the purpose of this paper is to explore the transformational leadership challenges in emergency services systems in…


London’s burning: integrating water flow rates and building types into fire risk maps

Thomas Ronan, Richard Teeuw

– The purpose of this paper is to explore fire risk and preparedness, with regard to water flow rates and building types in London, focusing on Southall district.

Integrating unorganized volunteers in emergency response management: A case study

Marit Skar, Maria Sydnes, Are Kristoffer Sydnes

When emergencies occur, ordinary members of the public are often the first to respond. However, their use and integration in emergency response remain a challenge. The purpose of…

Stress and stress management in European crisis managers

Mirjam Haus, Christine Adler, Maria Hagl, Markos Maragkos, Stefan Duschek

The purpose of this paper is to examine specific stressors and demands, perceived control, received support and stress management strategies of crisis managers (i.e. executives…


Emergency organizations’ diverging perceptions of terrorist attacks

Annelie Holgersson, Veronica Strandh

The purpose of this paper is to analyse how the police, the rescue services and the emergency medical services perceive the threat of terrorism and preparedness for a…

Media constructions of fear in the outbreak of an epidemic disease: The case of dengue fever in Argentina

Maximillano Korstanje, Babu George

After almost a decade, the re-appearance of dengue fever in Argentina caused panic and fears. Unlike Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay, where prevention policies have been followed…

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