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The development of an evidence-based approach to inform learning and practices within the UK fire and rescue service

Rowena Hill, Tabitha Oakes, Lee Wilkes

The fire sector within the United Kingdom has identified a need to further develop their systematic use of academic literature and develop mechanisms to include academic knowledge…

The evaluation of Safe and Well visits as part of the prevention activities of Fire and Rescue Services in England

Katarzyna Lakoma, Peter Murphy

Safe and Well visits are the primary preventative vehicle now used by all Fire and Rescue Services in England. The purpose of this paper is to examine their recent development to…

Extinguishing injustice: growing equity, diversity and inclusion in Canadian fire departments

Keith A. Fredin

This paper evaluates the value and necessity of greater equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in Canadian fire departments. Rather than focussing on changing hiring practices, the…

Mental distress symptoms among Muscat firefighters: the impact of sociodemographic factors, sleep disturbance and smoking

Javad Hashempour, Zubaida Shebani, Jeffrey Kimble

Firefighting can pose a number of psychological health risks due to the nature of the job. Previous studies have examined the relationship between distress symptoms in…

EMS workers on the frontline of the opioid epidemic: effects of sleep and social support on depression

Paige Sable, Fengyan Tang, Jenifer A. Swab, Sheila Roth, Daniel Rosen

This study focuses on Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel and examines the impact of overdose calls for opioids and attitudes of EMS workers towards individuals with…

From EAP to BHAP: a conceptual framework to develop and implement a comprehensive behavioral health access program within the fire service

Kellie ODare, Chris Bator, Lance Butler, Jeffrey Orrange, Lauren Porter, Michelle Rehbein, John Dilks, Dana R. Dillard, Erin King, Joseph Herzog, Robert Rotunda

The purpose of this paper is to articulate the results of a comprehensive literature review and grassroots outreach with first responder organizations to present an…

What effects did home working have on 999 clinician practice from one UK ambulance service during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Mike Brady, Edward Harry

Virtual care is any interaction between a patient and clinician or clinicians, occurring remotely using information technologies. Like many international services, United Kingdom…

Participation of pre-hospital emergency physicians at ambulance missions in Germany's federal states

Thomas Hofmann, Luis Möckel

This study aims to determine the differences in the involvement of pre-hospital emergency physicians (PHEPs) within the ambulance service over time and between the federal states…

Thinking styles of Australasian paramedics and paramedicine students

Toby Keene, Kristen Pammer, Eryn Newman, Bill Lord

Paramedics play important roles in healthcare, yet little is known about their decision-making. There is evidence that thinking style is associated with individual preference for…

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