International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education: Volume 10 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Mentoring in Times of Crises, Pandemics, and Social Distancing

Guest Editors: Carol A. Mullen

Online doctoral mentoring in a pandemic: help or hindrance to academic progress on dissertations?

Carol A. Mullen

The author's purpose is to identify and analyze the progress of proposals and dissertations after mentor–mentee relationships rapidly transitioned to intensive online doctoral…


Redefining mentorship in an era of crisis: responding to COVID-19 through compassionate relationships

Kara Lasater, Christy Smith, John Pijanowski, Kevin P. Brady

The purpose of this study is to investigate mentorship practices during the COVID-19 pandemic and to consider how mentorship could be improved to support students of educational…


Learning to level up: personal narratives about mentoring for the professoriate during a crisis

Kathleen Sellers, Tasneem Amatullah, Joel R. Malin

The authors' purpose is to illuminate ways in which care within the mentor–mentee relationship influences the efficacy of mentoring for/in the professoriate, within and beyond the…

Filling the gaps: how the non-faculty mentor role contributes to the doctoral program support structure

Kat R. McConnell, Rachel Louise Geesa

The purpose of this paper is to investigate mentors' and mentees' perspectives of the mentor role within an education doctoral mentoring program at a mid-sized public institution.

Exploring online mentoring with preservice teachers in a pandemic and the need to deliver quality education

Pınar Ersin, Derin Atay

Social constructivism in teacher education highlights the importance of social interaction between preservice teachers (PTs) and their cooperating teachers (mentors) for effective…


Coaching in the time of coronavirus 2019: how simulations spark reflection

Ann Marie Wernick, Jillian Marie Conry, Paige Daniel Ware

This study investigates how debrief conversations unfold during virtual coaching sessions that provide embedded opportunities to practice teaching within a mixed reality…

Crisis leadership and coaching: a tool for building school leaders' self-efficacy through self-awareness and reflection

Jodie Lynn Brinkmann, Carol Cash, Ted Price

This paper introduces a cognitive coaching and reflection tool to help school leaders build self-efficacy at a time when schools are facing a crisis in leadership. Key themes…

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