Asian Education and Development Studies: Volume 9 Issue 1


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Festivals and re-ethnicization of China’s Miao migrant community: Culture for network linkage and institutional embeddedness

Siu-woo Cheung

The purpose of this paper is to examine the efforts of an ethnic Miao migrant worker association to recreate and engage with festivals both in the host society of the Pearl River…

Entertainment as ritual: the Post-Reform transformation of Hát bội in Southern Vietnam

Nguyen To Lan

This article traces the transformation of hát bội, a form of traditional opera in Southern Vietnam, from its primary role as entertainment into a religious activity after the…

Beyond hegemony and sisterhood: transnational Tianhou-Mazu cult in East Asia

Chi-cheung Choi

Studies of Tianhou-Mazu cult have been focused on three themes: studies in Taiwan emphasize hegemonic order; studies in Hong Kong reveal a relationship of “sisterhood” alliances;…

The symbol of Saint Gióng and the Gióng festival in the historical context of Vietnam

Hai Hong Dinh

The purpose of this paper is to trace the way in which a popular ritual became one of Vietnam’s most important festivals, elevated as a celebration of national heroism and charts…

De/re-construction of Zhuang shamanic songs in cultural festivals

Ya-ning Kao

The purpose of this paper is to examine the performance of Zhuang shamanic narrative songs at three festivals to explore how and why a narrative song genre that originated with…

Hakka identity and religious transformation in South Vietnam

Tho Ngoc Nguyen

Most of 823,000 ethnic Chinese people are living in Southern Vietnam among distinct dialectical groups. Each maintains its own pantheon of gods; the majority worships standardized…

Globalizing community festivals: the case of the community festival in Wanwei, Guangxi, China

Cham Nguyen

The purpose of this paper is to concern the community festival of a Jing minority village in the China–Vietnam border area. Since it was designated as a national-level Intangible…

Curriculum leadership and the enhancement of teacher education programs: A case study in a Mainland Chinese normal university

Xi Bei Xiong, Cher Ping Lim, Shi Qi Liu

Teacher education programmes are critical in developing pre-service teachers’ competencies during the apprenticeship phase (Lim et al., 2010), whereas there is evidence indicating…

Is party factionalism harmful or beneficial to party development: The case of Hong Kong Democratic Party

Chung Fun Steven Hung

The purpose of this paper is to assess the intra-party conflicts in Hong Kong’s Democratic Party (DP) and their implications for broader democratic processes in the territory. It…

Asian students’ brain circulation and Japanese companies: An empirical study to explore the relationship

Sato Yuriko

The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between the brain circulation of Asian graduates of Japanese universities and Japanese companies by picking up China…

Generalized self-efficacy of youth in the new territories: A community survey conducted by a Hong Kong NGO

Bob Spires, Eric Howington, Jay Rojewski

The purpose of this paper is to gain insight into the generalized self-efficacy (GSE) of youth in the New Territories of Hong Kong. Youth issues have been at the forefront of…

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  • Prof. Ka Ho Mok
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