Asian Education and Development Studies: Volume 12 Issue 4/5


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Principals in Indian inclusive schools: bridge over troubled waters

Sarikha Srinivasavarathan, Poornima Rajendran

The international academic literature agrees that principals act as change agents and are vital in creating and promoting an inclusive school culture. In this article, the authors…

Replacing the old with the new: long-term issues of teacher professional development reforms in Indonesia

Shintia Revina, Rezanti Putri Pramana, Christopher Bjork, Daniel Suryadarma

This paper is among the first case studies in developing countries that comprehensively investigate the historical evolution of a country's teacher professional development (TPD…


Breaking the silence: exploring the challenges of oral participation faced by Chinese undergraduate students in a Sino-US university in China

Mohammad Noman, Ruman Xu

This study aimed to explore the underlying reasons for student silence in EMI classrooms and identify the coping strategies employed by students and teachers.

The active degree of written questions in the Macau Legislative Assembly: a qualitative comparative analysis (QCA)

Chunlin Tang, Sike Liu, Si Deng

This study intends to explore the configuration that affects the active degree of written questions in the Macau Legislative Assembly.

Policies and politics development of vocational education in Indonesia: a historical perspective

Yasdin Yasdin, Syafiuddin Parenrengi, Hasriani Hasriani, Ridwan Daud Mahande

The purpose of this study was to discuss the history and political development of vocational education in Indonesia began before independence until independence era.

Why they do not care? Exploring young Indonesians' low participation in proenvironmental activities

Ina Nur Ratriyana

Youths are known as a challenging group to be engaged in environmental programs due to their fickle characteristic. This study would like to offer Global South and developing…

Macau: a society with no political party – based on the comparison with Hong Kong

Shenghua Lou, Chunlin Tang

This paper attempts to explain the phenomenon that Macau has a parliament (Legislative Assembly) and mass suffrage but no political parties.

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