World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development: Volume 11 Issue 1

This journal is now published by the World Association of Sustainable Development (WASD)


Table of contents - Special Issue: New multi-disciplinary approaches and methodologies for sustainable development

The identity crisis of sustainable development

Catalin Ratiu, Beverlee B. Anderson

There are many different conceptualizations to sustainable development and these different approaches may have led to confusion amongst the public. The purpose of this…


Analysis of the predictors of five eco-sensitive behaviours

Naz Onel, Avinandan Mukherjee

The purpose of this paper is to examine five different types of eco-sensitive behaviours separately and understand if determinants of these behaviours vary depending on…

Effect of type of lead vehicle on following headway behaviour in mixed traffic

Ravindra Kumar, Purnima Parida, Wafaa Saleh

There is gap in literature on understanding of the issues of following headway behaviour of the driver and a lack of sufficient data in different traffic conditions. The…

Incubator successes: Lessons learned from successful incubators towards the twenty-first century

Hanadi Mubarak AL-Mubaraki, Michael Busler

The purpose of this paper is twofold: first, discuss and analyse the successful adoption of incubators worldwide; and second, the lessons learned from successful…


Mapping the Indian nanotechnology innovation system

Amit Kumar, Pranav N. Desai

The purpose of this paper is to map out the Indian nanotechnology innovation system. An attempt is made to identify the dominant actors, collaborative pattern and analyse…

Decentralizing the Farmer-to-Farmer extension approach to the local level

Shiva Kumar Shrestha

As the government extension services are less effective in reaching the remote areas and mid-hills of Nepal, the purpose of this paper is to examine the effectiveness of…



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