Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing



Table Of Contents: Volume 11 Issue 4 - Special Issue: Digitalization in Retailing - Moving Beyond e-commerce

Need for touch and two-way communication in e-commerce

Yun Jung Lee, Sujin Yang, Zachary Johnson

The inability to touch products online is the top reason consumers list for preferring to shop in traditional brick and mortar versus e-commerce stores (Havas Worldwide

Using rich media to motivate fair-trade purchase

Tae-Im Han, Leslie Stoel

The purpose of this research is to examine the effectiveness of using social media to increase knowledge about and motivate purchase behaviors of fair-trade products…

A QoS-sensitive model for e-commerce customer behavior

Hoda Ghavamipoor, S. Alireza Hashemi Golpayegani, Maryam Shahpasand

In this paper, a Quality of Service-sensitive customer behavior model graph (QoS-CBMG) is proposed for use in service quality adaptation in e-commerce systems. Success in…

C2C value creation: social anxiety and retail environment

Larissa Carine Becker, Cristiane Pizzutti

Most customers want to interact, whether on social networks or on company websites. This study aims to examine the relationship between customer-to-customer (C2C…

Impulse buying tendencies among online shoppers in Sweden

Maria Ek Styvén, Tim Foster, Åsa Wallström

The purpose of this study is to characterize consumers with high impulse buying tendency (IBT) by comparing them with low-IBT consumers in an online shopping context.

The digitization of health care retailing

Mark Scott Rosenbaum, Germán Contreras Ramírez, Karen Edwards, Jiyeon Kim, Jeffery M. Campbell, Marianne C. Bickle

This paper aims to offer insights into the impact of digitization technology on consumer goods manufacturers and retail organizations. The authors propose that the “next…



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