Journal of Criminal Psychology: Volume 5 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Use of contemporary multivariate statistical methods in criminal psychology

Guest Editors: Professor Mark Shevlin

Application of bifactor models in criminal psychology research: a guide to researchers

Philip Hyland

The purpose of this paper is to introduce the reader to the nature of confirmatory bifactor modelling. Confirmatory bifactor modelling is a factor analytic procedure that allows…

Effects of peer network interactions on adolescent cannabis use

John Moriarty, Kathryn Higgins

The purpose of this paper is to capitalise on three waves of longitudinal data from a cohort of 4,351 secondary school pupils to examine the effects on individuals’ cannabis use…

Testing complex hypotheses using secondary data analysis: is the association between sexual abuse and psychosis moderated by gender in a large prison sample?

Mark Shevlin, Jamie Murphy, John Read

There have been many studies that demonstrated an association between sexual trauma and psychotic disorders or psychotic symptoms. Limited attention has been paid to gender…

Moderated mediation analysis: an illustration using the association of gender with delinquency and mental health

Jeremy N.V Miles, Magdalena Kulesza, Brett Ewing, Regina A Shih, Joan S Tucker, Elizabeth J D'Amico

When researchers find an association between two variables, it is useful to evaluate the role of other constructs in this association. While assessing these mediation effects, it…

An evaluation of a brief anger management programme for offenders managed in the community using cross-lagged panel models

Timothy James Trimble, Mark Shevlin, Vincent Egan, Geraldine O'Hare, Dave Rogers, Barbara Hannigan

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the effectiveness of a brief, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy-based group intervention in anger management with male offenders. All…

A practical introduction to methods for analyzing longitudinal data in the presence of missing data using a marijuana price survey

Jeremy N.V Miles, Priscillia Hunt

In applied psychology research settings, such as criminal psychology, missing data are to be expected. Missing data can cause problems with both biased estimates and lack of…

An introduction to Monte Carlo simulations in criminal psychology: applications in evaluating biased estimators for recidivism

Priscillia Hunt, Jeremy N.V Miles

Studies in criminal psychology are inevitably undertaken in a context of uncertainty. One class of methods addressing such uncertainties is Monte Carlo (MC) simulation. The…

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