Journal of Criminal Psychology: Volume 5 Issue 1


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A predictive model of criminality in civil psychiatric populations

Laura Evans, Maria Ioannou, Laura Hammond

The purpose of this paper is to develop a predictive model of criminal risk in civil psychiatric populations, by determining the relative impacts of psychopathy, drug use…

Psychopathy, gang membership, and moral disengagement among juvenile offenders

Katie Dhingra, Agata Debowska, Kathryn Sharratt, Philip Hyland, Susanna Kola-Palmer

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the impact of psychopathy factors and gang membership on moral disengagement while controlling for age, ethnicity, having run away from…

The role of psychopathy factors in reactive aggression within a sample of prisoners

Agata Debowska, Emek Yuce Zeyrek Rios

The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of four psychopathy factors (Interpersonal Manipulation (IPM), Callous Affect (CA), Erratic Lifestyle (ELS), and Antisocial…

Personality characteristics of the female serial murderer

Meagen M. Hildebrand, Scott E. Culhane

The purpose of this paper is to review and compare information obtained for four female serial murder perpetrators, exploring possible personality features that make the female…


Evaluating a rugby sport intervention programme for young offenders

Dave Williams, Leann Collingwood, James Coles, Stefanie Schmeer

Interventions intended to aid offender re-entry, rehabilitation and desistence based around specific sports and championed by sporting institutions have been introduced in…

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